What is test bank?
The test bank is a supplementary guide that contains exams, tests, and quiz questions. Different types of questions are included in the test bank, like, true/false questions, multiple choice questions, long and short essay questions and that depends on the subject you are studying.
What is solutions manual?
The solutions manual is also a supplementary manual that contains the textbook's end-of-chapter correct answers, answers to all even and odd-numbered questions (questions, problems, and case studies).
Do you offer a free sample?
Yes! each test bank and solutions manual page contains free samples to download and review so that you can make sure that you will order the correct manual.
How to download my test bank or solutions manual?
Once you complete the payment, you will receive an email message with your download links.
What is your refunds policy?
We usually do not issue refunds and that's because of the nature of the products we provide (digital downloads) unless there is a major defect with the product and we could not solve it.
What is your privacy policy?
In a simple and short sentence; your information is always safe, private and we do not share any part of it with anyone under any circumstances.